Rekluse 165S – Limited Edition – Red Forged Carbon

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Rekluse (Sinking) – 160mm / +- 100 Grams

This lure is designed to be fished at a variety of speeds. The internal ballast and weighting allow for the lure to maintain an upright stance in the water. A steady retrieve imparts as strong S action. A fast retrieve or sweep, creates an erratic darting action with strong tail kicks, accurately mimicking a baitfish in distress. Everything needed to provoke a strike.


Hook Recommendations

– Trebles – 3/0 BKK Trebles.
– Singles -7/0 BKK diablos.
– Treble on the Belly and a single Tail hook – Up to a 3/0 Treble with up to a 7/0 tail hook.

Fishing Style

– Steady Retrieve
– Sweep
– Twitch / Pause